FEATURING KAI THE HITCHHIKER - the impala hangs ep01 (cancelled series) #Idoltrash.comarchives

idoltrash.com archives

the impala hangs ep01 “featuring Kai the Hitchhiker”

an interview with my close friend and viral sensation (due to a local news segment featuring him went viral bc of his unique personality and crazy-yet-heroic story) from 2017 and the injustice he was facing and continues to, today.

will rewrite the post later and upload to a separate main blog containing all posts from the OLD idoltrash.COM before rebranding, host migration, new team + co-owners, and the domain change to idoltrash.NET 

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SONG/ARTIST #FEATUREOFTHEWEEKmy favourite song by my half sister 💔

While you wait on the site to finish migrating and such....listen to my first artist of the week featured from soundcloud.

My beautiful half sister Krizzy.  


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