Music News: Poppy drops "In a Minute", the lead single to her upcoming album ("Am I a Girl?")

new song💥 In A Minute 💕🍥💋 💓 Friday!

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the first new track to be released since was "metal", a cover song. now we have an all new original track from poppy!

the synth bop sounds in the track are catchy and fun, but the lyrics are to be expected...theyre nothing. obviously, the new track is no bubblebath (her first EP released, full poppy ska-infused beats and lyrics that weren't so lazy. songs like lowlife and altar  are still favorites of mine. I found it enjoyable and much more impressive than her first full album honestly ended up being the complete opposite of bubblebath and previously unreleased songs like  chewing gum. felt rushed, lazy, generic, and almost like an American attempt at recycling Kyary Pamyu Pamyu tracks *cough*Microphone*cough* and KPP is a Japanese pop idol that Titanic Sinclair has notably and blatantly copied within his poppy project. Just look at kyary pamyu pamyu 's backup dancers and poppys. easy example of many.)


i'm feeling this new track much more than most tracks off the disappointing (which i unfortunately preordered on vinyl and cd LOL...but at least the vinyl is pretty and so are the posters and I do play it often.)

what do you guys think?

did you guys like the new track? and what are your options on it? any speculations on the sophomore album? 

 also poppy is on tour!  


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