1st post! Kesha releases new music video seemingly out of the blue--and for a good cause. "I need a woman to love"


I've been a die hard animal since day one waaaay back when. She struck something inside me and later by 2010, my connection to her was shared by my group of friends I found myself living with...blah blah blah (no joke intended omgsh!), I've always had a special place for this woman. 

Anyway, I haven't been keeping up on her as much as usual but I was surprised to see on YouTube this new single released, "I Need a Woman to love"  

(Me! Me, Kesha Seibert I'll be your lady!) 

Kesha - I Need a Woman to Love

Apparently this was released for an album project Universal Love, an album dedicated to LGBT+ weddings and wedding songs "reimagined" . 

My thoughts   

I love it. Glad to see Lagan Seibert directing. Kesha seems right at home in one of her many musical elements (her love for rock) and she's sounding and looking great!  

I found the talking annoying though but thats solved with this: 


anyway, just a quick post from my phone. Couldn't resist! Though the site is not near even presentable, I gotta blog when I gotta sometimes!

More importantly, what did you think of the song, video, or Kesha herself? I honestly would love some discussion below in the comments!