FEATURING KAI THE HITCHHIKER - the impala hangs ep01 (cancelled series) #Idoltrash.comarchives

idoltrash.com archives

the impala hangs ep01 “featuring Kai the Hitchhiker”

an interview with my close friend and viral sensation (due to a local news segment featuring him went viral bc of his unique personality and crazy-yet-heroic story) from 2017 and the injustice he was facing and continues to, today.

will rewrite the post later and upload to a separate main blog containing all posts from the OLD idoltrash.COM before rebranding, host migration, new team + co-owners, and the domain change to idoltrash.NET 

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#ARTISTWATCH blackbear drops first two tracks off upcoming new album ANONYMOUS + it's full tracklist! also pre-order your digital or physical copies now.

update! i began this post the day high1x dropped.... i’m publishing it late but have SO MUCH MORE NEWS SINCE TO POST ON TODAY!

though the official release date has been pushed back for the final time (4.26),  we already know it is worth the wait.

blackbear has dropped the highly anticipated new album's first single and music video (1 sided love) on valentine's day, originally the release date for anonymous.  

thank you, bear. very cool!

he also announced that a new song off anonymous will be dropping every other week EVERY SATURDAY 12 Am EST time!

and he has kept this promise by releasing HIGH1x on all streaming platforms today. the music video is soon to follow.

ALSO if you collect and listen to vinyl records like I do, you can pre-order a RED 2LP VINYL COPY OF ANONYMOUS to arrive at your doorstep on April 26 2019, the day the album is released.  I pre-ordered my Vinyl and digital copies already. FIND OUT WHERE TO PREORDER THE SPECIAL 2LP VINYL INSIDE THIS POST! 

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SONG/ARTIST #FEATUREOFTHEWEEKmy favourite song by my half sister 💔

While you wait on the site to finish migrating and such....listen to my first artist of the week featured from soundcloud.

My beautiful half sister Krizzy.  


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Music News: Poppy drops "In a Minute", the lead single to her upcoming album ("Am I a Girl?")

Controversial internet-culture sensation Poppy releases In a Minute on youtube.com! It is the lead single to her upcoming sophomore album Am I A Girl?

Is it any good or just another let down??? And if you’re part of the “not cult”, don’t forget to join poppy.church !

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fashion blogger turned jpop queen Kyary Pamyu Pamyu finally releases a new single! And it is everything.


I’m not complaining. (Have a lot of material to post!) But this entry covers the new Kyary Pamyu Pamyu single that just dropped.

For those who don’t know she is a HUGEJapanese pop idol that TItanic Sinclair often rips off (example Poppy’s backup dancers are a straight up copy of Kyary’s. just one example)

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